Other Information for Parents

No Club at your child’s school?
If there is no hockey club at your school but you would like us to consider starting one in a future term, please contact the school PE head or the headmaster and ask them to contact us. If invited we will visit the school to see if and when it might be possible to offer a hockey club.

Interested in more Hockey?
We offer school clubs primarily within Chiltern District and have a close link with Amersham & Chalfont Hockey Club, which is based at the new astroturf and clubhouse at Amersham & Wycombe College, off Stanley Hill, Amersham.

The club contains a thriving Junior section of nearly 500 young people, and offers training and matches for children from 18 down to under 6 years old. For more details please take a look at the website www.achc.org.uk 

There are also other nearby hockey clubs outside Chiltern district with Junior sections that may be more accessible for you. A listing is provided, and their websites can be found through a quick search: