About the After-School Clubs

Our Clubs:
Weekly hockey coaching at your child’s school 
End of term tournament at a local hockey astroturf pitch, competing against the other school clubs involved that term.
Clubs are for specific year groups (usually two adjacent years).

If there is a club at your school but not for the year group of your child, I will consider including children from the year below on a case by case basis. Please contact us in such situations.

Coaching on a mixture of Indoor (sports hall or gym) and Outdoor (playground or grass) facilities.
Facility used depends on the year group, what is being coached, the season and the weather on a given day.

Tournaments take place at the home pitch of Amersham & Chalfont HC, based at Amersham & Wycombe College of Stanley Hill, Amersham.
A teacher will liaise with you to arrange travel to and from the pitch. 
Parents are welcome to come along to watch, and even more welcome to get involved on the day. If you’d like to then please contact me – teams always need managers!

Sports Kit and Hockey Equipment:
Safety requirements - a mouth guard and shin pads. Without these your child will not be allowed to take part in a session that involves any tackling or other competitive play (there are no exceptions). 

Most sports shops stock children’s mouth guards, or they can be purchased online – they cost less than £10 and can be easily moulded at home.

Shoes - trainers or astroturf shoes for both indoors and outdoors (no studs). 

Clothing - standard PE clothing plus a warm long sleeved top.

Equipment - Sticks, balls, bibs, etc will be provided, but if your child has their own hockey stick bring it along (marked with their name).