John Spicer Hockey CoachAbout Hockey At School

I played hockey at a senior level in the past (up to the national Indoor training squad), and have been involved in coaching for over 30 years on a voluntary basis. Having coached and managed at a senior level after my playing career, I have in the last 15 years done a lot of work with younger children at Amersham and Chalfont (A&C) HC. 

Through this involvement with A&C it’s been obvious how much children of all abilities have enjoyed playing hockey, but also how few children get the opportunity. And unlike tennis, football, rugby, etc, no-one was offering to run school hockey clubs in Chiltern District and the surrounding areas.

So as part of developing a sports coaching business in the area I have been running after school clubs in local primary schools, mainly in the Amersham and Chalfonts area. I hope I get the opportunity to coach your child, and give them a chance to start enjoying what hockey has to offer. 

Why Hockey for your child?

For the younger age group, hockey works on foundation skills common with and transferable to other sports – hand / eye coordination, dexterity, spatial awareness and team-work.  And it is played on the ground, and not in 3 dimensions (at least in the younger age groups) which makes it easier to pick up, which in turn helps build confidence, and hence enjoyment, quickly. 

If your child then wants to go on playing hockey (at a club perhaps) then it’s a rewarding experience. It is a truly inclusive sport – boy/girl, 6 or 60, Saturday stroller or budding Olympian, all are welcome and all play. And with our recent international successes the sport has got a growing media profile as well.